Dustbin Flowers New Album 

Release date Sept 30 2018

New Single-I Don't Mind

Available Now on Spotify and iTunes

Dustbin Flowers
Exciting! Bursting with energy! Dustbin Flowers stirs up crowds wherever they play and is considered one of the most explosive and diverse bands to emerge on the southwestern Ontario music scene. Their high energy live performance is the driving force behind the band’s notoriety across Canada. Their self-titled debut 4 track EP “Dustbin Flowers”, blends smooth grooves with an indie pop sound and punk edge. The band continued to follow that trend with the release of the 5 track EP "Dustbin Flowers II" in the fall of 2014.  The time is now for the world to hear more of the Dustbin Flowers! 

So what's new in 2017?

Keeping you in the loop:

In mid 2014 our drummer Dave was involved in a motor vehicle accident resulting in some ongoing medical issues preventing him from performing properly with his bandmates. As a result Dustbin Flowers has been off on hiatus since late 2016 and the current 2017 calendar year as well.  During this period the band has has been busy exploring and writing new material which they've recently been bouncing off each other for input, ideas, and composition.  Look for Dustbin Flowers to enter the studio sometime during the fall of 2017 to perfect, record, and polish what our passion brings forth musically for our third EP.  The typical home grown edge of the band's music sounding bigger and better with the all out kick ass eclectic mix of rock, blues, punk and soul you've come to expect from Dustbin Flowers!!

Our latest videos can be viewed here or by clicking the 'videos' link above.

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