Band Bio

Dustbin Flowers

Dustbin Flowers has recently been named "Fan Favourite - Original Artist" winning the 2015 Jack Richardson Music Award!!!

Formed in 2013, the Dustbin Flowers are looking for the world to hear their music!

Dustbin Flowers is one of the most explosive bands to emerge on the local music scene in London, Ontario.

Dustbin Flowers embraces all spectrums of the musical light and would like you to experience it too! The band has released one self-titled EP in the fall of 2013 and their second release titled "Dustbin Flowers II" launched in June, 2014.  Dustbin Flowers is currently working on a double album to be released in the summer of 2015.

Jeffy Bialkowski: Frontman, lead vocalist, guitarist, primary songwriter and founder of The Dustbin Flowers, began his career at the age of 17. A guitarist for punk pioneers ,"The Black Donnellys", Jeffy performed on their only commercial CD release. In the 1990s, Bialkowski played with alternative rockers "Taplash" independently releasing 4 full length albums. Bialkowski spent the last decade performing with hard rockers “Bobnoxious” performing in some of Canada's most prestigious festivals including opening at Sarnia’s Bayfest for KISS. Over the span of his career, Jeffy has also opened for other famed rockers including SCORPIONS, KID ROCK, and CYPRESS HILL. He is a pro. He gigs 5 – 6 nights a week either hosting karaoke, playing with bands such as Sweet Leaf Garrett, the rockabilly band The Rumblebees and Elvis Impersonator:Tim Hendry’s Elvis show to name a few. On the side, he’s an inventor. Jeffy invented the Ambassador Guitar and pitched it on Dragon's Den in 2013. By hand picking Darcy Maudsley, Jason Michael Drury, and Dave Gervais, he gives you the Dustbin Flowers.

Bassist Darcy Maudsley started out his music career as any other kid in a traditional way: piano lessons. At age 14 he picked up the bass which ultimately led to his interest in guitar.  Darcy continued to hone his bass and guitar skills throughout high school. It was no surprise that at the age of 18, Maudsley’s first band would be a rock and roll band. His current band lineage includes bassist for NAIL beginning in 2007, Brother Time: an acoustic duo Darcy started with his brother in 2010 and Bobnoxious which he joined in 2011. In early 2013, Darcy was called upon by fellow band mate at that time, Jeffy Bialkowski to lay down a few bass lines for some songs he was working on.  Darcy answered that call and Dustbin Flowers was beginning to take shape.

Lead guitarist, singer and songwriter Jason Michael Drury, began to play guitar at the age of 14 and by the age of 15 he had already made his mark in numerous local bands. As a founding member of both bands, Kilheaven and The New Boss, 2 full length albums were released in the late 90's and mid 2000's. Jason continues to play in local bands including The Warlocks and live band Karaoke group Nasty Alex. In mid 2013, Jason received the call from Jeffy asking if he was interested in an orginal project he was working on.  Jason answered that call becoming the third member of Dustbin Flowers.  Jason brings his song writing talent to Dustbin Flowers newest EP with the song Saturdays Ashes. 

Drummer Dave Gervais, completes the lineup. In his home town of London Ontario, a 14 year old Gervais took up drumming and within a few months was playing in a high school band.  By the age of 17 Gervais was playing professionally in multiple rock and country bands. Over the decades, Gervais mastered multiple musical genres that have ranged from Country to Jazz to Heavy Metal. In the summer of 2013, Dave attended a local jam night where he was randomly asked to join Jeffy and Darcy on stage to jam a few country tunes.  This was the first time they had met.  A few months later Jeffy messaged Gervais asking if he was interested in joining an original band he was putting together.  The lineup was now complete.  Gervais brings his years of experience to Dustbin Flowers as they continue to create new music.

The talents of these four musicians have come together to form Dustbin Flowers.  The band's efforts continue as they collaborate and continue to write and record new material.  "The songs come as they come and we do our best to reflect that initial spirit in our arrangements ".

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